Trekking and caving in Transylvania

This photo blog is intended for all who are interested in hiking, trekking and caving in Transylvania. You don't have to live here. Even if you will probably never hike in Transylvania, you are welcome to read my trip reports and enjoy the photos. We do have some fantastic places here in Transylvania, high mountains, canyons, waterfalls and around 12,000 caves. So, check back frecvently, as updates happen very often.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Romania Trip Log, Day 5, June 14

Leaving Miercurea Ciuc for Brasov today, so up early, packed my bags and down to breakfast, this time served by Imola, again an omelet. Waited for Peter who had business to finish up before leaving for Brasov, I viewed the fitness center/pool on the grounds of the Bella Vita (Peter works out here sometimes.), a very nice facility. Before leaving ...

Check out the photos from Mohos Peat-Bog and read the full story

Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO


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