Trekking and caving in Transylvania

This photo blog is intended for all who are interested in hiking, trekking and caving in Transylvania. You don't have to live here. Even if you will probably never hike in Transylvania, you are welcome to read my trip reports and enjoy the photos. We do have some fantastic places here in Transylvania, high mountains, canyons, waterfalls and around 12,000 caves. So, check back frecvently, as updates happen very often.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Romania Trip Log, Day 10, June 19

Got 4 “wiener-wursts” for breakfast this a.m. plus the usual milk/sugared coffee. Paid the room, asked the young lady to inspect the room to see if I’d left it OK, she said yes. Peter arrived and we loaded up for the trip to Sibiu Airport. We arrived at the airport around 10am, Peter stayed and talked until about noon, then we said our goodbyes and he headed back home. The flight back to Munich, Germany left in mid-afternoon, I arrived in Munich at 5pm and was picked up by my brother-in-law for the trip back to his home, where I would spend the next several days (until June 29) before returning to the US from Munich. Postlogue: So many wonderful experiences and impressions, it will take months to process them all fully. However, this I can attest to: Peter is one serious hiker; he is also learning “caving” and is into “geocaching” with the most caches in his area of Romania. From his email to me today (July 16, 2007) he had just completed holding his own first hiking/caving clinic for which he had 7 participants; he hopes to do this annually and extend the number of days. Please visit Peter at this website: and also visit some of his links. To see the photos Peter took of our trip together use the website: The photos are arranged by dates which should correspond to my narrative above. You can correspond with Peter and I highly recommend travel to Romania, the hiking opportunities are numerous and challenging, the people I encountered warm and friendly, the food hearty and filling, and since Romania was just ac- cepted into the EU this year (2007) prices are very reasonable compared to western Europe. Go and enjoy!!! Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO (I’m 70+ and not the world’s best hiker but if I can do it so can you.)

Romania Trip Log, Day 9, June 18

Picked up Dimitri and headed for the next village, where he bought the buffalo milk and polenta; they Ed needed to exchange some $s to RON, so drove to the next town where they had a money exchange. Along the way, noted most farming done in long narrow strips, with alternating crops (corn, potatoes, grain, hay); a man walking along the ...

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO

Romania Trip Log, Day 8, June 17

Checked out of the pension to leave Brasov; unfortunately I forgot to unplug Peter’s battery charger from the wall, so after we were several blocks away the pension called Peter’s cell phone to let him know something had been left; we returned for it (they had his cell number because he had make the reservation for me). Overcast skies, not sure if we ...

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO

Romania Trip Log, Day 7, June 16

Off to the Bucegi Plateau today. Parked near the cable car station; Ed will ride up, Peter will hike up instead. About an hours wait, lots of people, some with bikes, waiting to ascend; the ride about 15 mins. each way. Started to rain hard as I got into the cable car waitroom (had been lined up outside until then), the weather did not look ...

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO

Romania Trip Log, Day 6, June 15

A small breakfast bar at the pension, with coffee out of a vending machine (tokens provided), quite adequate and nice. Out to wait for Peter (delayed taking man to emergency room), walked to a nearby bank (Volksbank) to exchange money but they don’t do exchanges. Returned to the pension, Peter there; to the room so Peter could ...

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO

Romania Trip Log, Day 5, June 14

Leaving Miercurea Ciuc for Brasov today, so up early, packed my bags and down to breakfast, this time served by Imola, again an omelet. Waited for Peter who had business to finish up before leaving for Brasov, I viewed the fitness center/pool on the grounds of the Bella Vita (Peter works out here sometimes.), a very nice facility. Before leaving ...

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO

Romania Trip Log, Day 4, June 13

The charming Gabriela fixed my breakfast this morning; she fixed an omelet (the menu said scrambled eggs and ham) containing chopped ham and grated cheese, flipped over after browning on one side, and served unfolded on the plate. A side dish of saurkraut salad was also served, along with slices of crusty white bread. The next day ...

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO

Romania Trip Log, Day 3, June 12

Had forgotten to set my alarm clock ahead 1 hour coming from Germany to Romania, but I managed to be ready for Peter when he arrived to pick me up. Breakfast was 4 slices of “ham”, slices of bread, 2 wedges of soft cheese, butter, jam and coffee (1 cup only). Enough food for me to make Peter a sandwich to take along for the day’s activities. He arrived ...

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO

Romania Trip Log, Day 2, June 11

After a buffet breakfast at the Inn, on the road again, headed west to the city of Sighisoara, dominated by the Citadel on a high hill overlooking the rest of the city. We parked below, and walked up; a covered wooded stairway of 172 steps led up to the Citadel entry, thru a couple stone archways, on cobblestone streets, and into the Citadel area proper, consisting of many winding streets.

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO

Romania Trip Log, Day 1, June 10

Flight from Munich, Germany to Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania on Tarom Airline, aboard a two turboprop machine probably of Russian design. A beautiful sunny day, a smooth flight, and a free glass of Romanian red wine along with a snack-lunch. Coming into Sibiu the mountains to the south (Cindrel Mountains, southern Carpathians) were beautifully green, many of the valleys running up into the heights were without roadways but had small streams coming down into the valleys...

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Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO